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'Brief History'

Graham. L. Peveller - PhD (Human Development - Gender Studies ) MA (Humanities) BA. Social Sciences C.Q.S.W. Certificate of Qualification in Social Work (1982/3) London. Diploma in Social Work, Diploma in Psychotherapy, Approved Social Worker (Mental Health) - Mental Health Act 1983. Professional member Psychological Association of the Philippines (PAP), M.S.F.T.R. - CCC Registered U.K. plus Certificates in Rogerian Therapy, Behaviour Therapy, Gender, Systemic Family Therapy, Management Studies, Journal ling, Gestalt plus numerous other therapy related courses covering the various models and schools of therapy held in London England and other Countries.

I have been involved in various forms of therapy for the past twenty thirty years, I began my professional career within the caring profession in the U.K. from 1972 through to 1991. Initially in 'Child Care Assessment Teams then after gaining a Diploma in Social Work and Certificate of Qualification in Social Work I transferred to a local authority Children and Families Division taking up the position as a Children and Families social worker as a Child Protection Social worker. I later also under took Mental Health specialist training as an Approved Social Worker responsible for carrying out Mental Heath Assessments in the community under the then, Mental Health Act 1983.

I later worked within local an area social work office and in a hospital settings for a number of Local Authority Social Service Departments in London. I have also undertaken work as a Guardian ad Litem and Adoption Reporting Officer in adoption cases. Since leaving social work and living in Asia I have completed and gained a Doctorate Ph.D in Psychology.

I have jointly practiced Family Therapy and group work with psychiatrists from and attended courses at the Tavistock Institute London. The London Borough's Training Unit and other colleges until I left the U.K. for South East Asia in 1991. Since that time I have been fortunate enough to continue my practice online and have travelled extensively throughout Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia The Philippines and other areas of S.E. Asia. In Thailand I also solely developed and managed a hospital based gender clinic providing SRS and related surgeries, which was apart from my therapy practice.

It was during my early years as a child care assessment worker that I developed an interest in family group work as a Social Worker. I then became involved and developed an interest in 'individual' counselling and psychotherapy. As stated previously, over the years, I have studied and attended numerous courses and lectures on both family group work and individual therapy covering many schools of thought.

Although many of the therapeutic schools of thought cover 'common' ground they are also very different in approach. What has developed within my practice, especially in relation to gender related therapy a is an 'eclectic' approach in that it enables me to integrate the main proponents and key features of these various approaches that meet the circumstances and needs of each individual client. Therefore enabling me to work and assist with clients on three main levels of functioning - feeling, thinking and their behaviour.   In short, as some therapeutic approaches are not wholly suitable to e-therapy by taking a 'eclectic' behavioural approach I am able to draw upon theoretical constructs which are most beneficial to the individual clients needs.
During the early part of 1991 I left UK social work and relocated to Southeast Asia. Where I soon after arriving became involved indirectly with the local transgender community whilst being and more on an international level, as a manager and counsellor within a Gender Change Clinic gender change located within a hospital setting, The clinic provided both general cosmetic surgery plus SRS and feminization procedures. I became involved with the clinic after being approached by the hospital manager who suggested I create a website and set the clinic up, the clinic was successful and still runs well to this day.
Further since leaving Social Work I have been fortunate enough to carry on with my practice, related reading and professional studies. Apart from my social work qualifications gained at Kingston University London. I have undertaken a PhD in Gender Studies (Transsexuality) and gained degree level studies in psychology, social sciences and a further Diploma in Psychotherapy. I have also in the past undertaken training in and gained certificates and diploma's in Psychology, Supervision, Rogerian, Gestalt , RET Behaviour Therapy, Person Cantered Therapy, Brief Therapy, Journaling and other psychotherapeutic and Cognitive Behavioural approaches to counselling.

I moved to the Philippines in 2000 where I have continued my involvement with the transgender community worldwide, by creating this and other websites that provide an online counselling service which are dedicated to the needs of individuals with gender identity disorders. From that time onwards, I have gained insight and a deeper understanding studying extensively gender related issues, especially throughout my doctorate studies and related research which focused on transgender issues per se, transsexuality, cross dressing and human development.

As a therapist I feel that I am an empathic, warm and a down to earth person who is able to put people at ease. I will endeavour to help you to feel comfortable when writing, talking about or discussing your problems. I'm here and am ready to be totally with you.

As a therapist I feel that I am an empathic, warm and a down to earth person who is able to put people at ease. I will strive to help you to feel comfortable when writing, talking about or discussing your problems. I'm here always here and ready to assist you in any way that I can.

Dr Graham L Peveller PhD

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