What can be discussed through online therapy - almost anything that is on your mind

Online therapy is suitable for people who are comfortable with putting their thoughts into writing and are able to do so in a reasonably organised manner. maybe people who have used Messenger, e-mail or chat rooms on the internet

It is also good for people who have difficulty in locating a therapist, whether that's due to living in an area where psychotheray is not available, or living in a country where the English language is not widely spoken, working long hours or difficulties in leaving home for any reason.

It is also a good choice for peole who are either uncomfortable about face to face counselling or just prefer e-mail and internet messenger as a convenient and relaxed mome of communication .


(PRWEB) January 19, 2005 -- While E-therapy is a relatively new medium of helping people resolve life and relationship issues, it has become a popular way of seeking help. Utilizing the power and convenience of the Internet to allow simultaneous or time-delayed (email) communication between an individual and a professional therapist. Now people that have little time, are too far away from a therapist or just wish to use the privacy of their home PC, can access therapists on line and to deal with their issues. The focus of e-therapy varies from person to person and problem to problem. Some people will want to discuss interpersonal relationships, handling situations or learn new ways of dealing with different life stresses. Other people may use e-therapy as an adjunct to other types of services, or to help clarify issues they are currently working through. Still others will use e-therapy to check-in with an objective third-party professional for their life and work on life issues.
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Feeling down, depressed, anxious, or just simply stressed out? Talking about it can help. When you feel unhappy with your relationships, when you feel stuck in your job, or in your life in general, exploring this with another person can help you become "free" and can increase your own ability to change things for the better. This can be through a one time consultation or an ongoing process.

Feel you need advice and guidance? Feel you need some motivation and inspiration? Counsellors and Psychotherapists do all this - our discussion is always tailored to your individual needs. We can be open ended or goal directed - it all depends on the issues you bring and what you would like to achieve.

Whatever your goals the way to get a consultation is follow the three easy steps, sign-up or log-in, read the legal and privacy agreements, make your payment through 2check outsecure server and complete the questionnaire.



If you have any psychotic symptoms (hallucinations, delusions, thought disorganisation.)

If you are under 18 years old are suicidal, or if you need intense support, phoner conact, or hospitalisation.


No. Though I am a psychotherapist, I do not prescribe any medications.


It's new's's not face to's another tool... it certainly cannot replace "old fashioned psychotherapy for everything. Further, some disadvantages of doing therapy are: the loss of non verbal communication, the body lingo, the expression, the sighs, the pauses. This is not absolute though, as every person has their own distinctive writing style, and much of your personality can be expressed through writing.

Second, there is a lot more to psychotherapy than discussion of issues on an intellectual level. A lot of it is about the relationship you develop with your psychotherapist. Ultimately though, nothing can really equal the benefits and comfort of a beneficial relationship with a good face to face psychotherapist, especially for people who have been severely damaged throughout their lives and are very chaotic.

The advantages are that you can relax and take as much time as you like to compose your thoughts and put them down in writing, you can do this in your free time, and in the comfort of your own home. As long as you have a computer and a modem - you can access this from anywhere in the world. Another advantage to online therapy is the intriguing combination of distance and closeness that e-mail provides. This usually has a disinhibiting effect - many people find it easier to talk online than to talk to someone who's in real space with them. In short - online therapy is flexible and accesible.

Whatever your goals the way to get a consultation is easy just follow four simple steps. sign-up or log-in, read the legal and privacy agreememt, fill in the advice or counselling questionaire, and finally make your pasymrnty and press submit

"Passions grow from the will, The will grows
from thought and imagination. When both
are calmed, There is neither sensualism nor
The Buddha


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