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The Interpretation of Dreams (3rd edition) by Sigmund Freud - Translated by A. A. Brill (1911)
The Varieties of Religious Experience William James's
Important People in Psychoanalysis - Links to Freud, Kle
in, and others
Psychoanalysis & Cultural Studies Links
Cognitive Therapy (Article from the Harvard Mental Health Letter 1989) PsyBC Course On Cognitive Behavior Therapy Cognitive Therapy Forum of Behavior Online
Recommended Readings in Cognitive Therapy by Jim Pretzer
Treatment of Anxiety Disorders Forum
of Behavior Online
The Center for Cognitive Therapy
at the University of Pennsylvania
Family and Marital Therapy

Family Therapy (Article from the Harvard Mental Health Letter 1988)
Family Relationships Page by Dr. Earl Schaefer
The MFT Info Link - Marriage and Family Therapy Links
Family and Marriage Therapy Links
Working therapeutically with self and system home page
MFT Info Link guide to Marriage and Family Therapy Resources on the Internet
Journal of Family Therapy
American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy
The Object Relations Home Page
Psychoanalysis & Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy at the British Confederation of Psychotherapists
Psychoanalysis & Psychodynamic Topics Links on Mental Health Net
Long-Term Psychotherapy (Article from the Harvard Mental Health Letter 1996)
Psychotherapy and Cancer Survival (Article from the Harvard Mental Health Letter 1990)
The Decline of Intensive Psychotherapy (Article from the Harvard Mental Health Letter 1990)
Fred Levin's Psychotherapy Newsletter for patients
Article on the Integration of Psychotherapy and Pharmacotherapy at Mental Health InfoSource
Centre for Psychotherapeutic Studies at the University of Sheffield
List of Manuals for Empirically Validated Treatments such as Behaviour Therapy, IPT, CBT in specific disorders
Email forums on psychoanalysis, psychotherapy and related topics
More Email forums on psychoanalysis, psychotherapy and related topics
Psychotherapy Section WWW pages Department of General Psychiatry St. George's Hospital Medical School, London University

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General Mental Health Links

Mental Health InfoSource
List of Disorders at Mental Health InfoSource
BehaveNet? - Behavioral health care information & publishing
Behavioral & Cognitive Science Links
Institute of Psychology at Bonn University
Grohol's Psychology and Support Groups Newsgroup Pointer
Grohol's Psychology and Support Mailing List Pointer
Grohol's Psychology Web Pointer
Behavioral Healthcare Resources on the Web Compiled by Myron Pulier
Internet Mental Health Resources
Behavior OnLine
Menninger Clinic

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